My top 10 helpful phrases/words/pep talk

I have some of those written in places I see everyday and they have been extremely helpful to me.

  1. Just Breathe! Sometimes all it takes for me to get back to myself in a bad moment is just take a few seconds and concentrate on my breathing.
  2. Let Go and Let God!  It is important to realize that there is somebody else I can count on when things becomes too much for me to handle.
  3. Be here now! I have to remind myself to be in the moment, stop thinking about the past or worrying about the future.
  4. Do not react!  I am impulsive and normally end up reacting before considering the situation first.
  5. Not helpful!  When I persist on a thought or action that is not helpful or positive I tell myself that.
  6. This too shall pass! Nothing lasts forever, good or bad.  So if it is good, enjoy to the fullest.  If it is bad just give it time.
  7. What doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger! The bigger the crises/the problem the more potential for growth and learning.
  8. I am loved!  I am worth of love! There are a lot people that love me and wishes me all. I just need to be open to love and be loved.
  9. There is always a reason for everything! Even if the reason is not clear at the moment, just believe!
  10. Trust your instincts! If something doesn’t feel right, don’t ignore it, confront it.
  11. Thank you for rejecting me! If someone rejects me, he is doing me a favor and leaving the way open for the right, more deserving person to find me.

About A Star on the Forehead

I am a single 46 year woman, eager to live a full life. Trying to rebuild life after a breakup with someone that I thought was "The One". Will take classes and chances, will take tumbles and get up, and register it all here for good or bad, but always for a good laugh or cry!! I want to write to inspire but more than that I want to write to be inspired!!
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2 Responses to My top 10 helpful phrases/words/pep talk

  1. This too shall pass, is my favourite!

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