10 things that tried to sabotage a beautiful day!

10 things that tried to mess up my day:

  1. I didn’t feel like getting up.  My body just didn’t want to move.  I wish I could stay horizontal the whole day. I am laying there just watching the clock.
  2. Finally I get up and start getting ready. I step on the scale in the bathroom and I gained 2 pounds. 2 pounds!! I don’t know if I should start crying or not. All I think about is the bread and butter I want for breakfast.
  3. Had to run (under the rain)to the train station because overstaying in bed made me late.  As I am crossing the street I slip and almost fall.  I jerked my back and now it is sore.
  4. Train never arrives, had to wait for a later train that is already crowded because they are combining two trains in one.
  5. The lady that sits next to me at the next station has her i-pod at full volume. Can’t these people realize how annoying that is to everyone else? I can’t help but think that they must be doing damage to their eardrums. If at least was some nice music, but this awful techno-electronic one beat never ending song.
  6. Finally got to Grand Central.  As I walk outside and open my umbrella, it flips inside out.  I corrected it, but now it has 2 ribs (I think that is the name) broken.
  7. I hate people that use those huge golf umbrellas and walk around knocking everyone and everything in their path. Of course I was the victim of one of those this morning.
  8. As I walk into my office I am greeted by a mouse stuck to the glue trap under the radiator. Yes NY City is infested with rodents, and my building, that up to a month ago was rodent-free, now is crawling with those critters thanks to a landlord that cannot fix a broken freight elevator and the garbage is not removed every night.
  9. I fill my up my cup with coffee. Yes, at least hot fresh coffee!! As I take the first sip, I realize in disgust that is Hazelnut flavored – yuck!
  10. I then get an e-mail from this guy at e-harmony, which I though it could potentially turn into something. I have not met anyone from there yet, so I was hopeful that a first date would be materializing in the near future.  Anyway, this guy tells me that he decided to focus on this one girl he met.  Ouch! He didn’t even meet me yet and he is already dumping me!

Anyway, it is now 10 am and I am hopeful that the rest of the day will turn out amazing.  I dressed up this morning on the off chance that someone invites me for something.  One can always hope!!!

About A Star on the Forehead

I am a single 46 year woman, eager to live a full life. Trying to rebuild life after a breakup with someone that I thought was "The One". Will take classes and chances, will take tumbles and get up, and register it all here for good or bad, but always for a good laugh or cry!! I want to write to inspire but more than that I want to write to be inspired!!
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