10 actions of my romantic man

This is you and not an act.  It is natural and not forced.


  1. Massage my feet, and leg, and
  2. Draw me a bath and wash my hair
  3. Get me flowers (buy or pick them)
  4. Kiss my neck and don’t stop there
  5. Pour me a drink – perhaps two
  6. Open the car door, the front door, all doors
  7. Search for my favorite ice cream, cake, anything
  8. Whisper “I love you” in my ear as we snuggle in bed
  9. Buy me lingerie that you will be dying to remove
  10. Say I am beautiful and mean it

And in doing all of those things you feel honored and blessed to have me!

My smile is your reward! ok, ok, perhaps you will get a little more! wink, wink

About A Star on the Forehead

I am a single 46 year woman, eager to live a full life. Trying to rebuild life after a breakup with someone that I thought was "The One". Will take classes and chances, will take tumbles and get up, and register it all here for good or bad, but always for a good laugh or cry!! I want to write to inspire but more than that I want to write to be inspired!!
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4 Responses to 10 actions of my romantic man

  1. Dambreaker says:

    Curious…. in which language did you want things whispered in your ear?

    • ha, that is a great question!! Initially my answer would be French, English or Portuguese, but after I think about it I don’t think I care about the language but more about the person doing the whispering. Many blessings! 🙂

      • Dambreaker says:

        I figured Portuguese. I can do that. French, no problem. English… yeah. But one must be clear on such matters. One wouldn’t wanna say it in Siamese, only to be spurned.

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