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10 things that I plan on opening or making sure it stays open

My Heart – I want to have my heart always open. No matter how many times it gets broken, bruised or turned into a pulp.  Loving is still one of the best things in life. My Mind – I want … Continue reading

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10 things I did instead of exercise (and I am not proud of it!)

So I came home early from work intent on doing 30 minutes on the elliptical, instead here are the 10 things I did. Had a snack of pita chips and coconut water. Installed and uninstalled applications on my new phone. Had to … Continue reading

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My top 10 helpful phrases/words/pep talk

I have some of those written in places I see everyday and they have been extremely helpful to me. Just Breathe! Sometimes all it takes for me to get back to myself in a bad moment is just take a … Continue reading

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10 actions of my romantic man

This is you and not an act.  It is natural and not forced. YOU: Massage my feet, and leg, and Draw me a bath and wash my hair Get me flowers (buy or pick them) Kiss my neck and don’t … Continue reading

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10 things that tried to sabotage a beautiful day!

10 things that tried to mess up my day: I didn’t feel like getting up.  My body just didn’t want to move.  I wish I could stay horizontal the whole day. I am laying there just watching the clock. Finally … Continue reading

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10 things I am looking forward to

Life is better when you have things to look forward to, so here are 10 things I am looking forward to (in chronological order) : My lunch of pork, rice, beans and yucca fries from Tina’s!  I haven’t had that in a … Continue reading

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Love described in 10 words:

To me love is: Respect Honesty Loyalty Freedom Inspiration Intimacy Partnership Support Acceptance Forgiveness What word is love to you?

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