10 ways I am improving myself

Dedicated to the person that kept me up last night.  Instead of sleep I got clarity, certainty and a universe of possibilities!
  1. I am stopping the voices in my head that only criticize and expect perfection.  Once I make a decision I stop the second guessing and self doubting.  I no longer analyse every past mistake and blame myself.  I accept it, learn from it and move on.   I am learning to leave the past in the past and stop looking back!
  2. I am giving myself more credit for all the things I do big and small. I am my own fearless cheerleader. I am not comparing my life to other’s.  I am doing the best that I can with the tools I have.  Everything that I need and want to do is done with passion and heart.
  3. I am getting rid of unhealthy things in my life: people, food, situations, environment and welcoming all that is good. I am getting away from my comfort zone and welcoming new people and experiences, only then I can decide for myself what it fits my life, what I enjoy, what belongs and what has to go.
  4. I decided to stop trying to impress others and I am only trying to impress myself.  I will no longer decide what to wear or how to be to impress a guy.  The right guy will love me as I am, if he doesn’t he is not the right guy.  I will not longer try to please everyone and want to be loved by everyone.  Some people will just not like me and that is their right!
  5. I now know I deserve more, therefore I am not settling for less.  I am not settling for almosts, maybes or in the future either. I want it now and I want it for sure! If I give and value truth, honesty and loyalty, why was I putting up with lies, dishonesty and betrayal? If you treat me right I will stick around, otherwise have a nice life!
  6. I am looking in the mirror more often and appreciating what I see. I see light in my eyes, I see strength in my legs, I see honesty in my face, I see kindness in my arms, I see action in my fingers, I see resilience in my feet, I see purity in my skin, I see love in my heart.  I am in love with what I see and all its potential.  And with that I am learning to listen to my body, to hear its cries for help and attention. I am realizing that I was given a temple of pleasure and goodness and it is my job to use it to the best of my abilities, to treasure, to respect it and to use it, but not abuse it.
  7. I am allowing myself to enjoy life and get a little crazy if I want to. I don’t know how much more time I have here, so I will make the most of every single moment. I will do more, help more, cry more, laugh more, tease more.  I will live and not just let life pass me by (like a quote from my favorite movie Shawshank Redemption:“It comes down to a simple choice; get busy living or get busy dying”)
  8. I started seeing God in me and in others, and with that I am being more accepting and less judgmental. I made peace with the fact that I don’t have to understand other’s actions, I have to respect it and if it offends me I can choose to move away from it.
  9. I am listening to my intuition and my gut and following my heart.  I realize that that is how God speaks to me and my answer is to follow. The path will not always be easy, short and fun, but the rewards will be priceless. I will analyze the pros and cons, but if my heart is telling me to do it, I will forget all that and jump in head first.
  10. Each day I become more and more in love with my own company and with that I am attracting the right company.  I take myself out, I present myself with spur of the moment flowers and massages.  I am kind to myself. I rest if I want, I play if I want. I am my own best friend ready with honesty, a kind word or just silent support.

About A Star on the Forehead

I am a single 46 year woman, eager to live a full life. Trying to rebuild life after a breakup with someone that I thought was "The One". Will take classes and chances, will take tumbles and get up, and register it all here for good or bad, but always for a good laugh or cry!! I want to write to inspire but more than that I want to write to be inspired!!
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11 Responses to 10 ways I am improving myself

  1. frankoshanko says:

    I like your list and your approach to your life and body, which is a temple of God. Awesome!
    It’s so fun to look for the different ways God speaks to us. Sometimes I’ve been thinking selfishly or grumpily on my drive to work, and all the stoplights are red. I’ll catch myself, start making a gratitude list in my mind, or out loud to myself, and return to lightness, happiness and, of course, gratitude. What happens? All the lights are green! This has happened so many times, but it still blows away my little human mind! ( :

    • It is so great that you have become aware of the times that you are having negative or otherwise not helpful thoughts, feelings and actions; and even better is that you have the tools to change those thoughts and actions. Once our mind changes, our actions change and eventually all the lights become green in our path! 🙂 Thank you for sharing that!

  2. lydia soong says:

    I am glad someone feels the same way I do. I finally reconcile with God and Myself. I feel comfortable to be me! I love and enjoy every moment. I accept inperfect me and knowing only God can make me perfect!
    Thank you for your list!
    Lydia PA

  3. Yay! I think #3 sums up the whole list… Getting rid of unhealthy thoughts is the key to happiness in life Cheers!

  4. to thine own self be true

  5. s1ngal says:

    Wow!!! This is like “back to the future” kind of time-machine kind of blog for me. You are a star on my forehead 😀

  6. Kavita Chavda says:

    These points are just great.
    Could relate to some of them 😀

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