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10 Important Lessons I have learned from and since the breakup

The past several months have been emotionally tumultuous for me.  After almost 3 years living with Ex, he asked me to move out when I confronted him with my suspicions of his extracurricular activities.  I was in shock!  There were no … Continue reading

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10 Reasons no to rush love

We are not ready yet, and there is no rush, so By the time we meet we will have dealt with all our ghosts from the past, so the future will be a clear path By the time we meet … Continue reading

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10 things that I plan on opening or making sure it stays open

My Heart – I want to have my heart always open. No matter how many times it gets broken, bruised or turned into a pulp.  Loving is still one of the best things in life. My Mind – I want … Continue reading

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10 actions of my romantic man

This is you and not an act.  It is natural and not forced. YOU: Massage my feet, and leg, and Draw me a bath and wash my hair Get me flowers (buy or pick them) Kiss my neck and don’t … Continue reading

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Love described in 10 words:

To me love is: Respect Honesty Loyalty Freedom Inspiration Intimacy Partnership Support Acceptance Forgiveness What word is love to you?

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