10 actions of my romantic man

This is you and not an act.  It is natural and not forced.


  1. Massage my feet, and leg, and
  2. Draw me a bath and wash my hair
  3. Get me flowers (buy or pick them)
  4. Kiss my neck and don’t stop there
  5. Pour me a drink – perhaps two
  6. Open the car door, the front door, all doors
  7. Search for my favorite ice cream, cake, anything
  8. Whisper “I love you” in my ear as we snuggle in bed
  9. Buy me lingerie that you will be dying to remove
  10. Say I am beautiful and mean it

And in doing all of those things you feel honored and blessed to have me!

My smile is your reward! ok, ok, perhaps you will get a little more! wink, wink

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10 things that tried to sabotage a beautiful day!

10 things that tried to mess up my day:

  1. I didn’t feel like getting up.  My body just didn’t want to move.  I wish I could stay horizontal the whole day. I am laying there just watching the clock.
  2. Finally I get up and start getting ready. I step on the scale in the bathroom and I gained 2 pounds. 2 pounds!! I don’t know if I should start crying or not. All I think about is the bread and butter I want for breakfast.
  3. Had to run (under the rain)to the train station because overstaying in bed made me late.  As I am crossing the street I slip and almost fall.  I jerked my back and now it is sore.
  4. Train never arrives, had to wait for a later train that is already crowded because they are combining two trains in one.
  5. The lady that sits next to me at the next station has her i-pod at full volume. Can’t these people realize how annoying that is to everyone else? I can’t help but think that they must be doing damage to their eardrums. If at least was some nice music, but this awful techno-electronic one beat never ending song.
  6. Finally got to Grand Central.  As I walk outside and open my umbrella, it flips inside out.  I corrected it, but now it has 2 ribs (I think that is the name) broken.
  7. I hate people that use those huge golf umbrellas and walk around knocking everyone and everything in their path. Of course I was the victim of one of those this morning.
  8. As I walk into my office I am greeted by a mouse stuck to the glue trap under the radiator. Yes NY City is infested with rodents, and my building, that up to a month ago was rodent-free, now is crawling with those critters thanks to a landlord that cannot fix a broken freight elevator and the garbage is not removed every night.
  9. I fill my up my cup with coffee. Yes, at least hot fresh coffee!! As I take the first sip, I realize in disgust that is Hazelnut flavored – yuck!
  10. I then get an e-mail from this guy at e-harmony, which I though it could potentially turn into something. I have not met anyone from there yet, so I was hopeful that a first date would be materializing in the near future.  Anyway, this guy tells me that he decided to focus on this one girl he met.  Ouch! He didn’t even meet me yet and he is already dumping me!

Anyway, it is now 10 am and I am hopeful that the rest of the day will turn out amazing.  I dressed up this morning on the off chance that someone invites me for something.  One can always hope!!!

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10 things I am looking forward to

Life is better when you have things to look forward to, so here are 10 things I am looking forward to (in chronological order) :

  1. My lunch of pork, rice, beans and yucca fries from Tina’s!  I haven’t had that in a long time.
  2. Getting my nails done using long-lasting Shellac!  I will report if it is really long lasting or not.
  3. My breakfast of bread with butter everyday! It used to be only on weekends, but heartbroken me thinks that I deserve it everyday for awhile longer.
  4. To receiving all the books that I have ordered from Amazon! It should arrive today and I should be reading by tonight.
  5. Getting a makeup lesson with my friend that works at Sephora! It was going to be tonight but she had to cancel, so it will be another evening this week. I never use makeup other than just lipstick, but now I think it will make me look more polished.
  6. To tennis on Thursday night! I am hoping my partner doesn’t cancel.  Hard for me to have to rely on other people. And while I am speaking of tennis, looking forward to tennis lessons that start next Monday!
  7. My Pilates session on Sundays, and even more to the little massage and stretching she does afterwards!  I have only done 2 sessions but was hooked after the first one.
  8. To start my mosaic project! The materials have been bought, so now I just have to do it.
  9. Getting my hands on the Us Open tennis tickets that I bought.  Once in my hands I can pick the ones I am using and resell the rest.
  10. To doing something fun this weekend, which I am not sure what it is but I plan on treating myself. I am taking myself on a date!!!!!!

What are you looking forward to??

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Love described in 10 words:

To me love is:

  1. Respect
  2. Honesty
  3. Loyalty
  4. Freedom
  5. Inspiration
  6. Intimacy
  7. Partnership
  8. Support
  9. Acceptance
  10. Forgiveness

What word is love to you?

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Top 10 pictures of my visit to Kykuit – The Rockefeller Family Estate

My top 10 pictures of my visit to Kykuit – The Rockefeller Family Estate

Click on the picture to enlarge it.

Please see my other blog for details on the visit http://blessedwithastarontheforehead.wordpress.com/

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10 Reasons to be grateful to Ex

and still I thank you:

  1. For teaching me the rules of American football.  Now I enjoy watching the game and feel a little bit more American for it!
  2. For taking me skiing and teaching me pizza and French fries.  Now skiing will be a part of my life forever!
  3. For instilling in me the love and appreciation for game of tennis.  Now I play and enjoy watching it!
  4. For making me see that I deserve better, I deserve truth.  Now I will pay attention to the actions and not only the words!
  5. For making me realize that I can love alone and from afar. Now I still love you, but I choose to love me more!
  6. For all the lies you told and the pain you caused me. Now I am stronger and wiser!
  7. For disrespecting me and destroying “us”, it is in this pain that I found myself and writing again. Now I am getting to know me and writing is breathing!
  8. For giving me the chance to choose forgiveness and love instead of hate and bitterness. Now I choose to forgive you for what you don’t think you have done!
  9. For the amazing moments and memories that I refuse to believe were all lies – were you that good of an actor? Now I enjoy the moment with no expectations!
  10. For all the good and even more for the bad. Now I cherish the good and welcome the learning opportunity that the bad brings!

Still I wish you only happiness and contentment.  May you find your inner peace.

Have you thought what to thank your ex for?  What about your current relationship, do you remember to say thanks?


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10 Books I just bought

In my quest to improve myself in all areas, I figured that I can help the classes I am taking (Pilates) and the ones that I will be taking (French and Mosaic); as well as feed my soul and acquire tools to lead a better life by reading more.

So, here are the 10 books I just bought:

  1. Emotional Intelligence 2.0
  2. Remember, Be Here Now
  3. Living in the Heart: How to Enter into the Sacred Space Within the Heart
  4. The Mindful Addict
  5. Finding Calcutta: Mother Teresa
  6. Pilates: Body in Motion
  7. Pilates Anatomy
  8. Beginner’s Guide to Mosaic
  9. French Conversational: Pimsleur Program
  10. The Sociopath Next Door

I promise to come back and post my findings on each book.  Well, what I hope more is to read and use each book and not be just another one on my bookshelf.

What books are you reading or hope to read?

What books do you recommend?

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