Love described in 10 words:

To me love is:

  1. Respect
  2. Honesty
  3. Loyalty
  4. Freedom
  5. Inspiration
  6. Intimacy
  7. Partnership
  8. Support
  9. Acceptance
  10. Forgiveness

What word is love to you?

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Top 10 pictures of my visit to Kykuit – The Rockefeller Family Estate

My top 10 pictures of my visit to Kykuit – The Rockefeller Family Estate

Click on the picture to enlarge it.

Please see my other blog for details on the visit

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10 Reasons to be grateful to Ex

and still I thank you:

  1. For teaching me the rules of American football.  Now I enjoy watching the game and feel a little bit more American for it!
  2. For taking me skiing and teaching me pizza and French fries.  Now skiing will be a part of my life forever!
  3. For instilling in me the love and appreciation for game of tennis.  Now I play and enjoy watching it!
  4. For making me see that I deserve better, I deserve truth.  Now I will pay attention to the actions and not only the words!
  5. For making me realize that I can love alone and from afar. Now I still love you, but I choose to love me more!
  6. For all the lies you told and the pain you caused me. Now I am stronger and wiser!
  7. For disrespecting me and destroying “us”, it is in this pain that I found myself and writing again. Now I am getting to know me and writing is breathing!
  8. For giving me the chance to choose forgiveness and love instead of hate and bitterness. Now I choose to forgive you for what you don’t think you have done!
  9. For the amazing moments and memories that I refuse to believe were all lies – were you that good of an actor? Now I enjoy the moment with no expectations!
  10. For all the good and even more for the bad. Now I cherish the good and welcome the learning opportunity that the bad brings!

Still I wish you only happiness and contentment.  May you find your inner peace.

Have you thought what to thank your ex for?  What about your current relationship, do you remember to say thanks?


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10 Books I just bought

In my quest to improve myself in all areas, I figured that I can help the classes I am taking (Pilates) and the ones that I will be taking (French and Mosaic); as well as feed my soul and acquire tools to lead a better life by reading more.

So, here are the 10 books I just bought:

  1. Emotional Intelligence 2.0
  2. Remember, Be Here Now
  3. Living in the Heart: How to Enter into the Sacred Space Within the Heart
  4. The Mindful Addict
  5. Finding Calcutta: Mother Teresa
  6. Pilates: Body in Motion
  7. Pilates Anatomy
  8. Beginner’s Guide to Mosaic
  9. French Conversational: Pimsleur Program
  10. The Sociopath Next Door

I promise to come back and post my findings on each book.  Well, what I hope more is to read and use each book and not be just another one on my bookshelf.

What books are you reading or hope to read?

What books do you recommend?

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10 traits happy people have in common

I have been thinking lately how do I manage to be happy and smile going through all that I am going through. I realized what we, happy people have in common, and here it is my view of what we happy people share:

  1. They are grateful for what they have.  They feel lucky with the little or lot they have.  They do not dwell on what they don’t have. We are grateful for waking up in the morning and having a chance to do all over again.
  2. They accept changes as good and necessary. Even changes that at the moment may not seem beneficial, they are accepted and welcomed as a good thing and helpful to our growth.
  3. They don’t ignore problems/crises.  They don’t pretend they don’t exist, but they don’t dwell on them either.  They don’t remain in the problem for long.  They deal with it as best as they can and move on. We welcome adversities as a change for growth.  The bigger the problem the bigger the  learning/growth opportunity.
  4. They give themselves permission to fail/err.  They don’t call themselves stupid or idiot.  They see failures it as learning experiences.  They try to learn what was done wrong and make sure not to repeat it.
  5. They live in the present.  Don’t set a date or goal to be happy.  They are happy in the journey, in the moment, in the now. They don’t say things such as:  when I buy a car I will be happy, in my trip to Italy I will be happy, when I get a boyfriend I will be happy.  They enjoy their daily work, no matter what it is.
  6. They do have goals and things they want to accomplish/achieve and they enjoy working hard towards it.
  7. They smile often and for no reason.  The see reasons to smile in everything, everyone and everywhere.
  8. They take chances, time and time again, even after falling flat on their faces. They take chances because they believe.
  9. They think that is better to give than receive. They want to give back, they want to leave the world, or any place they have been, a better place than they found, even if just by picking up a piece of trash on the street.
  10. They do not harbor any ill will, even towards people that have wronged them.  They realize the person is not happy with themselves, because if they were they would not behave in such manner.

2 more:

1.  They enjoy always learning something, and improving themselves. Knowledge is power and happiness.

2.  They enjoy physical activities.  They enjoy using the body God gave them.

What do you think makes you happy??



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10 Reasons why this morning is a Good Morning!

As I am in the kitchen meticulously preparing my coffee – yes it is a process – a co-worker walks in and I say the expected good morning.  He replied good morning and then added, but tell me why is it good?

I replied without missing a beat: I am alive, I am breathing, it is a great morning!  Some people never woke up this morning.

Thinking about that, here are 10 reasons why this is a great morning:

1)      I woke up, I breathe, I am alive! I am blessed!

2)      It is raining. I love rain and I am fortunate enough to have both a raincoat and an umbrella, so I got to work dry.

3)      I got a free Yogurt and cough drops outside Grand Central this morning (read more about this in my other blog)

4)      I walked in and there was a strawberry scone sitting on my desk (a co-worker’s wife baked them)

5)      It is Tuesday and not Monday, 1 day closer to the weekend.

6)      It is May 1st, my mom’s 77th birthday and she looks amazing for her age.  I hope I have inherited her young genes.

7)      I already have a couple of items crossed off on my to do list.

8)      I feel beautiful in jeans and white shirt ( I don’t have to dress up to work)

9)      I just received a text  from my ex-sister-in-law with beautiful pictures and messages and wishing me Happy May Day (wasn’t aware people celebrated this, I guess is a Midwest thing)

10)   A new morning is full of possibilities, and today smells of new beginnings.

So, why is this morning a good morning to you? 

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10 things I deserve in a relationship!

1)      I deserve the complete attention of a man, not crumbs here and there.

2)      I deserve honesty and loyalty, not lies to my face.

3)      I deserve to hear “I love you” and that to be the honest truth.

4)      I deserve honest touch, caress and intimacy, not just sex that is shared with others.

5)      I deserve to go to sleep dreaming of the future, not staying awake dissecting lies you have told. 

6)      I deserve to be a priority not just an option. I deserve to be the only one, not just another one on a long list of women.

7)      I deserve to be in the arms of a man and not wonder how many more he is holding in the same way.

8)      I deserve to be romanced and sent flowers, not to be told I won’t have a Valentine’s Day because he doesn’t want to send me the wrong message.

9)      I deserve a man I can respect and be proud of, not a man that I am realizing didn’t have any respect for me.

10)     I deserve security, not uncertainty. I deserve to know and not wonder and guess!!


What do you think you deserve in a relationship?

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10 Items on my To Do list and their progress

Now that I am boyfriendless and need desperately to occupy and improve myself, here are the items on my list:

  1. Start Pilates – A friend recommended me a lady.  I called today and made an appointment for tomorrow (yes she is going to see me on a Sunday).  I will report on the experience on my other blog.
  2. Take Tennis lessons – Already signed up for 2 – 6 weeks classes.  The individual is on Mondays starting on May 14, the group is on Tuesday May 15
  3. French lessons – the class that I had signed up for has been canceled due to lack of students, so right now looking for a school or private teacher.  I e-mailed someone from Craigslist and I e-mailed the Alliance Francaise of Westchester
  4. Mosaic classes – I am in a waiting list for a class downtown, NY, but still looking for something in Westchester
  5. Volunteer – The hospital needs people with my qualifications during weekdays and since I work it doesn’t work. The Friends of the Library lady never called me even though, supposedly, she is in desperate need of help.
  6. Organize my closets, so that I use everything I own and dress better – Need to plan enough time to try everything on and coordinate outfits in advance.
  7. Read books sitting on my bookshelf – I plan on reading a little every night before bed.  I am starting tonight with a book in Portuguese by a Portuguese writer: The winner stand alone by Paulo Coelho.  
  8. Create a Blog – As you all know I have created 2, so now I need to work on them, as far as content and design.
  9. Weight Training – I haven’t started yet.  I have a couple of machines in a little gym in the basement of my building and I live 3 blocks from Planet Fitness, which is only $10.00 a month. So no excuses …
  10. Take Vitamins – I have started taking a bunch of them in the evening.  I am taking: Vitamins A, B Complex, C, Vitamin D3 (couldn’t find only D), E, DHEA and Natural Calm plus magnesium.
If anyone has any pointers on any item on my list I will gladly hear.

How about you?  Are you getting things crossed off your to do list? Are you improving yourself? 


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10 Steps until Bed

My nightly routine:

  1. Make a to do list for the following day
  2. Take my vitamins
  3. Floss and brush teeth
  4. Remove make-up
  5. Brush hair and put it up in a ponytail
  6. Shower
  7. Apply oil and/or body lotion and apply face cream
  8. Dress in my favorite night shirt
  9. Read a book and read affirmations and positive messages
  10. Meditate right into sleep

What is you routine?

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10 truths about Ex

  1. When he opens his mouth he lies
  2. He believes his own lies
  3. He wants his cake and eat it too
  4. He says : I love you like he says good morning
  5. He doesn’t know what love is
  6. He has the ego the size of Texas, no wait, the size of the world
  7. He only cares about himself
  8. He lost the best things that happened in his life
  9. He tried to destroy my self esteem.  Thank God it was only shaken
  10. He is a lying cheating dog (no offense C, and other dogs, I adore you) that cannot keep it in his pants
Yep, I am a little bit bitter, but you would too if you heard the whole story.  At any rate this list is my being kind.
If you see your ex in this list, please reach out and let me know.
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